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Zealandia Designs is recognized throughout the world for creative use of ancient, fossilized ivory. Jenny Byrne, Zealandia's creator, combines elements from nature with spiritual and mythological art, creating statement pieces that honor the natural materials they are made of.

Combining sterling silver, 14kt gold fill, ancient mammoth ivory, fossilized walrus tusk, semi-precious stones, ammonites, mother of pearl, black mussel and paua shell, each piece is individually hand crafted in Bali, Indonesia. Due to variations in both the fossil colors and the carver’s style, every piece is unique.

At Zealandia Designs we go to the ends of the earth to create our unique jewelry. Handling a piece of ancient ivory reminds one how quickly magnificent creatures such as the mammoth can disappear from the earth.  Many of Zealandia's pieces feature polar bears and sea turtles, also on the brink of extinction.

The distinctive character and growing rarity of fossilized ivory makes it an excellent investment. Because of the limited supply of these ancient ivories, Jenny is inspired to use this precious resource to create works of art that will outlast fashion trends, be cherished for the beautiful creatures they represent, and be handed down as treasured heirlooms.  Each piece of Zealandia jewelry is a truly lasting, one of a kind, piece of art.

We hope you will agree that the complicated process and effort that goes into the making of our designs is worth it when presented with one of our original art jewelry creations.